Learn how native plants can help you conserve water and energy, provide habitat and "green" your yard!

Black and gold bumble bee on tall larkspur

The Bee Team surveyed bumble bees at Mount St. John during the summer of 2017. Here's what they found.

The labyrinth is open to visit

The walking labyrinth in the front meadow is a sacred space to focus attention and listen to the longing of the soul. Planted entirely with native species and installed by Bro. Steve O’Neil, SM, with the help of volunteers, our labyrinth is modeled after the one in the floor of the Cathedral in Chartres, France, which dates to the early 13th century. The history of the European labyrinth is shrouded in history, but for modern seekers the labyrinth is a spiritual path upon which the interplay of silence and image can lead to a deeper awareness of the Divine. The path is unicursal; it is not a maze, and presents no choices. Your only choice is to enter the spiritual path.