Simplicity of Life Workshop. This is a two-hour reflective discussion session with prayer, music and video that examines how Christian simplicity is a virtue for living a life of environmental justice. Suitable for a community meeting, this offering includes questions and a pre-activity to be completed by each participant prior to the experience. An important outcome of the workshop is the connection between simplicity and global resource use, and the formation of individual and community commitments to action as environmental stewards. For vowed communities, the workshop will include a discussion on simplicity and the vow of poverty.

Catholic Climate Covenant workshop. The Marianist Social Justice Collaborative became a signatory to the Catholic Climate Covenant in 2010. The Covenant invites Catholics to discern ways to learn about, pray about, assess our contribution, act on and advocate for sustainable energy use in light of current climate science. This workshop will help communities discern making the covenant, and develop a plan at the individual and community levels to implement it. Includes brief presentation, prayer, discussion and materials from the Catholic Climate Covenant. Also appropriate for a community meeting setting, this offering can be conducted in about an hour and a half.

Topical Workshops. If a community is interested in a different environmental topic, they may contact the Marianist Environmental Education Center at 937/429-3582 or to discuss customizing an experience to meet their needs. Our staff and volunteers have expertise in environmental spirituality, Catholic Social Teaching on the Environment, food justice, land stewardship and water resources in addition to climate and energy issues.

Our staff has expertise in land stewardship, restoration ecology, native plant gardening, Catholic Social Teaching on the environment, sustainable living, climate change and natural history. We often serve as speakers and workshop leaders for other groups. To discuss a booking, email