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Wednesday March 2 - Ash Wednesday

Goal: The Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles

The Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles is grounded in the idea of sufficiency, and promoting sobriety in the use of resources and energy. Actions could include reducing waste and recycling, adopting sustainable dietary habits (opting for a more plant-based diet and reducing meat consumption), greater use of public transport, active mobility (walking, cycling), and avoiding single use items (e.g. plastic, etc.).


As Lent begins, consider your personal lifestyle and its impact on the planet. The sustainable lifestyle goal invites all of us to live knowing there is enough in this world for everyone to thrive, so long as we steward things well. Our waste and pollution impacts others. How much waste does your family produce each week? Do you recycle your plastic or compost your food waste? Do you turn the lights out when you leave the room? Do you share or donate items when you are finished with them rather than putting them in the trash? Can you buy more from regional farmers or eat what’s in season to reduce how far your food travels to get to your plate?  Do you avoid single use plastic bags or straws? Each of these small decisions impacts our planet, and our choices add up.


Be aware of the impact of your decisions, and make a choice toward greater sustainability this week. Also, we invite you to join Pope Francis and people around the globe in offering our Ash Wednesday fast for the people of Ukraine.


The Promise of Life (From

Because life is a gift, we live it thankfully

Savouring what we have

Praying  for what we need.

No longer hurried, distracted or worried,

We’ll walk through each moment with God.


Because everything is a gift, we live with open hands,

Treading lightly on the earth

Sharing freely our homes and our things.

No longer restlessly chasing identity,

We’ll be known by our love not our logos.


Because giving is a gift we live generously,

Give ourselves deeply to family and community,

Give joyfully to those in need.

No longer caught in the consumer dream,

We’ll invest our all in the kingdom of love.

Going Further

We recommend this text by Vincent Miller, a Gudorf Chair of Catholic Theology and Culture at the University of Dayton: Consuming Religion: Christian Faith and Practice in a Consumer Culture. New York: Continuum, 2003/Bloomsbury Academic 2005.