Saturday, June 24, 2023 - 8:00am to 1:00pm

Last year's 2022 catalog and order form linked below for information only. Our 2023 catalog will be released in April.

Leatherflower, Clematis viorna

Remember, if you are a Friend of MEEC donor or volunteer, you can place a preorder. This is an additional benefit of membership and ensures you get the species you need for your garden! Members also receive access to special events, discounts on program registrations and benefits at a network of nature centers across North America. Most importantly, you join a community of people who help us achieve our mission of restoring the land. To join, use the order form or click here. We are grateful for your support! 

Our native plant sale is our most important fundraiser, and each sale is actually a non-exempt donation to our habitat restoration work, both here at Mount St. John and around the region. You can also help by sharing this catalog, directing people who may be interested to our website ( and sharing the sale on social media. If you are involved in an organization that can distribute our catalogs, we'll be happy to supply some!