Friday, March 11, 2022 - 11:00am to 12:15pm

iNaturalist is a community of nature enthusiasts who connect through a powerful online application capable of logging natural history observations, identifying species, and reporting through time and space. We'll cover the basics in this free online program, including:

  • How to make an observation on your iOs or android device;
  • How to make an observation from the website;
  • How to curate your feed;
  • How to view phenological data;
  • How to use iNaturalist to identify plants, animals, fungus and more; and
  • How to participate in projects and contribute to scientific research.

Registration coming soon. Once registered, you'll receive instructions to join the Zoom program by phone or by computer. We strongly recommend participating by computer as this program will contain detailed example and instructional images.

Please note we've scheduled a field experience follow-up for participants in the Mount Saint John Nature Preserve on Friday April 22 from 1-3. We'll practice our iNaturalist skills in a mini bio-blitz and share our findings, and experienced users will be available to troubleshoot for newer users.