But ask the animals, now, and they shall teach you; the birds of the sky, and they shall tell you. Or, speak to the earth and it shall teach you. Ask the plants of the earth and they shall teach you. The fish of the seas shall declare to you. Who doesn’t know that in all these, the hand of God has done this, in whose hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all humankind? - Job 12:7-10

The natural world is a place for encountering God. The Hebrew Scriptures are firmly rooted in the Holy Ground of God, who is known through earth, air, fire and water. From the praise of the Psalmists to the wonders proclaimed in the Wisdom texts, creation is core to God’s revelation. Our sacramental life relies on the symbols of the earth elements: the waters of Baptism, the grapes and wheat transformed in the Eucharist, the fire of the spirit of Confirmation. As Catholics we believe all of creation is sacramental, for all of creation is full of the spirit of God.

As was Jesus and the prophets, we are drawn to stillness and solitude to foster a relationship with God. MEEC provides resources designed to help you listen and be attentive, to develop a sense of awe and wonder, and to respond in gratitude. This guide is offered as a helpful starting place.