By Jim McCulloch (Flickr: Chimney swift overhead) [CC BY 2.0]

Since…well, no one remembers exactly how long…the chimney atop the MSJ Powerhouse next door to our offices has hosted a flock of chimney swifts. We last saw these migrating birds last October when they left for South America for the winter. We noticed a few “scouts” during the last two of weeks of April, but it appears the main flock has now returned. Watching the swifts circle and fall one-by-one into the chimney at dusk is a favorite evening activity around here, one which we hope you experience at least once.

The Marian Library at the University of Dayton received the collected papers of John Stokes, who popularized Mary gardens in the United States, in 2007. Through May 10 the library is hosting a public exhibit of the Stokes Collection, commissioned artwork and an indoor garden of plants named for Mary. John Stokes lived and worked on the east coast, and his gardens featured plants popular in that part of the country and mostly utilized plants from the nursery trade.